Mission Statement:

Yellow Dog Reports strives to provide an ever expanding client base with the fastest, most efficient service that the document retrieval industry has to offer, with a focus on Customer Satisfaction.

How do we do it?

Yellow Dog Reports provides a personal touch to its client base all over the continental United States and Canada because of our extensive network of affiliates. This allowing us to fulfill your requests usually within 2-5 days, and in most cases all RUSH deliveries can be provided the same/or next day.

Due to our affiliation with Statewide Investigation Services , no request for information is too big or too small. We can simply offer more resources for your needs than our competitors.

How can we save you time and money?

·         Local, state, and federal agencies across the U.S. and Canada have designed their own specific request forms and require them to be filled out before the requested information can be released. We have acquired an extensive catalogue of these forms, so there is no delay in requesting the needed information. 

·         Yellow Dog Reports absorbs the initial cost of locating and fulfilling your request.  We cover the initial cost of the report and invoice it to you along with our service fee.

·         Instead of your company writing several checks to various agencies, you simply write one check to Yellow Dog Reports, thus reducing the opportunity for lost or misplaced reports.

·         If in the event a request is overdue, our system automatically generates a follow-up log, we then contact the government agency in question, and obtain information as to why there is a delay. That process is followed by updating the requestor with the newly attained information.

·         Some agencies require constant urging to process requests. With our vast network of affiliates, we can give your request the personal attention it needs to gain the desired response in a timely fashion.

·         The time and money that you will save simply from not having to sit on hold and placing long distance calls, can easily justify our service fees.

·         Our extensive database enables us to be aware of the multitude of jurisdictions within a specific area. There is no guesswork. Our database includes municipal police departments, county sheriffs departments, state police departments, colleges and university campuses, military bases, and more.

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